About us

Motifs for every taste at Catch the Patch

Catch the Patch is a family-owned company whose core business is the trade of modern and classic patches, patches, applications and iron-on patches. Our patches meet the highest quality standards and are very detailed embroidered and woven. All motifs are suitable both for sewing on and ironing on. We have a suitable selection in stock for everyone and even spiritual symbols like the peace or ying-yang sign are available immediately. At Catch the Patch short delivery times between one and three working days are our top priority. Customer service also meets the highest standards. We also offer a satisfaction guarantee: If you don't like the article, we are always open to a return.

Long tradition - creation of the patches

For centuries, patches have been regarded as a simple way to visually represent official rankings, for example. After the Second World War, these badges were used in a modified form in protest movements, among other things, and expressed a political stance. The modern patches, as they are also available at Catch the Patch, finally became known in the late seventies. The patch "Swords to Plowshares" gained great importance among oppositional youth in the GDR in the early 1980s when they protested against nuclear armament as part of the peace movement. The patches stood for the young people's desire for peace and were worn on everyday clothing. But the greatest spread of the patches was during the Bay Area Trash period from 1983 to 1989, when motifs adapted to certain events were passed on as memorabilia. This could be the case, for example, at anniversaries, sporting events or festivals. At Catch the Patch, too, patches and iron-on patches are popular gifts for events of all kinds and symbolize membership of clubs or associations.

Patch and sticker: versatile and fashionable

Our Catch the Patch motifs serve different purposes, but always visually enhance your clothes and easily cover small defects or holes in your garments. Patches come in a variety of designs: from simple square, round and oval to outline and shadowy shapes. Particularly large patches, which find their place at the back in the central area of the jacket and cover it for the most part, are called back patches.

In the music scene patches serve as patches on denim jackets or backpacks and decorate jackets and pants with motifs from records, band logos or slogans.

On children's clothes they are a comfortable and colorful alternative to the cumbersome sewing and patching of holes in the fabric. And which offspring is not happy about a cute pony patch or a sporty soccer motif?

In sports, iron-on garments have enjoyed great popularity for many years anyway. Whether it's the logo of your favorite club or a national flag - Catch the Patch has something for every taste.

Also the use of patches "just for fun" should not remain unmentioned. From rebellious skulls and colorful stars to clear statements, you can add the finishing touch to your individual style with the matching patches and make truly unique pieces from ordinary jeans or shirts.

Embroidered or woven - just as you like

At Catch the Patch you can get both embroidered and woven patches and iron-on patches. With embroidered motifs, a solid background fabric is worked with threads, creating the typical 3D effect. In this way even filigree works can be realized and all colors of the yarns can be shown to advantage. Since the basic fabric can be selected at will, any shape is possible for the motif. The edge of the patch can be either chained or without any edging. The embroidered motifs of Catch the Patch are particularly firm to the touch and very robust. The situation is different with woven patches, where very fine threads are woven together to form a uniform surface. The result is a thin motif fabric with a uniform surface that enables the finest of images to be displayed. The weaving technique makes the colors appear somewhat duller and the material feels soft and less robust than the embroidered versions. A big plus point: all our patches can be easily cleaned in the washing machine.